Eagles Rest

Respite for Asian national pastors and families serving in poverty


Donations from around the world

We have been blessed over the years with donations from all parts of the globe – and the promise of more to come! Some examples…

Books in English arrived from the MV LOGOS HOPE which had to cancel it’s visit to Phuket but was able to arrange supply from nearby Malaysia. Children and adults always benefit greatly from the use of these great resources.

Other resource books for Asian pastors have been donated by BRIDGEWAY publications (Australia) and include Bible Dictionary and Commentary as well as many smaller books for distribution.

Some books and tracts are sent from another organization in Ireland, and still others come through foreigners leaving the country. All prove useful and our English library is fast becoming (or already is) the largest in the Province.

RBC Thailand (distributors of the OUR DAILY BREAD DEVOTIONALS around the world) have given us boxes of devotionals and booklets in many Asian languages for free gifts. Supplies of these can be taken back by the pastors to give to their contacts and local believers.

Chick Publications in USA regularly supplies quantities of their comic-style tracts in various Asian languages. Again we are able to pass these along to national pastors and workers who either have no access to, or cannot afford to access them for their local outreach work.

Clothing: A Thai friend in Bangkok sends us  boxes of new/sample /seconds from her factory. What a blessing this has been. The Pastors, wives and families who come often have never owned new clothes – often what they do have is ill-fitting and well worn.

Recently we were blessed with household goods from a missionary couple down-sizing. These will be put to good use in our own buildings, or even passed along to those in need as God sends them our way.

Some of the donations are able to be passed on to ministries across Asia who minister through children’s homes and orphanages. What a blessing that we can share the blessing with many others. As far as possible we outsource to fill as many needs as we become aware of.

Thank you to everyone who sends items and resources. You are all true partners in the ministry of helping God’s servants here in Asia.





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  • Core Values

    Glorifying God, acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ has the preeminence. Submitting and obeying and living to God’s word abiding to Biblical principles of care and nurturing of fellow believers. Serving with grace and mercy Encouraging, restoring and equipping believers and their families. Creating ministry opportunities for the world wide Christian community.
  • The Need

    These pastors and Christian workers labor out of dedication, have a great love for the Lord, have a passion for their lost countrymen and women are often bi-vocational.

    However, they often do not know how to put necessary boundaries in place. Resulting in a lack of quality family time
    disintegration of relationships. The family exists without basic needs of medical, dental, clothing and school supplies unable to rest, recreate, and relieve stress. Unable to be restored if a moral failure has occurred. In some Asian countries pastors are only a step away from beggar status.

  • Isaiah 40:31

    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.