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A word from an Indian Pastor

Below is written a testimony, in his own words – by Pastor Vijay (India) – he has chosen to write in third person until the end.


  1. When he is finished his university studies,God called him to full time, ministry,shared his burden to his family members,but they did not agree with him,because the family wanted him to do job and support their family,but he could not deny God’s call,then his family left him alone,threaten him to leave the ministry,no benefits from the family that he deserves,no marriage arrangements from the family background,they discouraged him by every means, but he did not give up his ministry at all.


He came out from the family,and joined as a student pastor evangelizing the students,and took a help of a senior pastor of an independent church and continued his ministry as a youth pastor.


Later this senior pastor helped him to get a beautiful wife from a good Christian family background; her parents were full time God servants and pastor blessed with two children- son and daughter.


In the initial stage he suffered like anything because he had no support,the family wife and for children education,because started his ministry independently among the Hindu people,and the reason of,this pastor comes from a Hindu background.


He has been so faithful in His ministry,going through hardships by preaching the Gospel to Hindu people,in different places,facing strong opposition and persecution by the local people.

He established 3 churches among these people and one among them is the house church.

For this pastor’s family (vijay&shalem) Eagle Rest foundation gave good spiritual and physical refreshment during last summer 2011 May,we enjoyed their family fellowship.

This my story.




26 July 2012

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  • Core Values

    Glorifying God, acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ has the preeminence. Submitting and obeying and living to God’s word abiding to Biblical principles of care and nurturing of fellow believers. Serving with grace and mercy Encouraging, restoring and equipping believers and their families. Creating ministry opportunities for the world wide Christian community.
  • The Need

    These pastors and Christian workers labor out of dedication, have a great love for the Lord, have a passion for their lost countrymen and women are often bi-vocational.

    However, they often do not know how to put necessary boundaries in place. Resulting in a lack of quality family time
    disintegration of relationships. The family exists without basic needs of medical, dental, clothing and school supplies unable to rest, recreate, and relieve stress. Unable to be restored if a moral failure has occurred. In some Asian countries pastors are only a step away from beggar status.

  • Isaiah 40:31

    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.